June 21, 2024, 8P Festival Concert IV 

43A W 13th St, New York, NY 10011
8 PM

*Free Admission


Joogwang Lim (South Korea): Soomool (2023)
Vladimir Scolnic (Israel): E PUR SI MUOVE (2021)
Zouning Liao (China): hypothetical particles (2023)
Eliza Gelinas (USA): your silent world (2023)
Eunji Lee (South Korea): Debris in the Ocean (2023)

About the composers

Joogwang Lim (b.1992) is a Korean composer based in Boston. His musical style is characterized by a unique fusion of various ideas, including myths, stories, plays, religious texts, ideologies, and scientific theories. Central to his compositions are the narratives derived from these concepts, which serve as the foundation for the firm and intricate structures he constructs. Lim’s music is replete with expressive elements, such as texts, symbols, and leitmotifs, which enrich the listening experience. In addition to his exploration of narrative and structure, Lim delves into the social and cognitive dimensions of music. He challenges audience perceptions and preconceptions through musical irony, unconventional spatial arrangements, multimedia projections that contradict expectations, and incorporation of theatrical elements. Moreover, Lim exhibits a versatility that allows him to traverse various genres, ranging from choral music to traditional Korean compositions, as he seeks to articulate his diverse cultural, material, and spiritual experiences.

Website: https://www.joogwanglim.com/

Vladimir Scolnic, born in Ukraine and raised in Romania, is an esteemed composer and academic who emigrated to Israel. With a prolific output that includes works for solo instruments, voices, various chamber ensembles, and orchestras, he is also the author of notable texts such as “The Forgotten Dimension: The Meaning of Pitch”, “Stages And Levels Of Organization Of Parameters In A Compositional Process”, and “Building And Controlling The Expressivity Of Sound Structures In Musical Performance”.

Scolnic earned a Ph.D. summa cum laude from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and graduated from the Romanian National University of Music in Bucharest. He served as the Dean of the Faculty of Theory, Conducting, Composition, and Musical Education at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Internationally recognized, Scolnic has participated as a juror in prestigious composition competitions across the globe, and his works have been performed at major contemporary music festivals in numerous countries.

Website: https://www.israelcomposers.org/Members.aspx?lang=English&letter=S&id=219

Born in Guangdong, China, Zouning Liao’s music draws inspiration from her fascination with nature and technology, blended with a constant curiosity about the playing capacity of instruments. She endeavors to incorporate unexpected and everyday sounds into her music.

Her music has been performed in the United States, France, China, and England. In 2024, her work will be featured at the NoiseFloor in Portugal, MISE-EN Festival, Splice Institute, Cube Fest, IRCAM Forum Workshop, SEAMUS/Sweetwater at Charlottesville, Performing Media Festival as well as Electronic Music Midwest. In previous years, she was honored to be featured in festivals such as Musicacoustica Hangzhou Electronic Music Festival, CampGround, Turn Up, SPLICE Festival V and New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival. Zouning was named a finalist in the ASCAP/ SEAMUS Student Composer Commission Competition in 2021.

Website: https://annlzn.com/

Eunji Lee is a composer and pianist from South Korea. Her music is characterized by delicate tones, diverse layers, and an energetic quality. Eunji is attentive to environmental issues and seeks to incorporate them into her compositions. Additionally, she demonstrates a keen interest in traditional Korean instruments and musical characteristics. Eunji’s music has been performed worldwide by ensembles such as Ensemble Black (Korea), Ensemble Modern (Korea), and Prism Quartet (US). She has also participated in festivals like MOXSonic Festival, She Scores, and Longy Divergent Studio. In the upcoming fall and winter seasons, Eunji will present a Gayageum piece combined with multimedia and premiere works for Ensemble Clink and the 어떤음악 시리즈-Some Music Series.

Website: https://www.eunjileemusic.com

Eliza Gelinas is a composer, filmmaker and multi-instrumentalist living in Western Massachusetts who specializes in creating music that accompanies film, digital media projects, contemporary dance, and theater. They specialize on low-brass and electric bass as an instrumentalist and perform live electroacoustic music to experimental visual media that they create using a combination of digital animation and analog filmmaking techniques. Eliza holds a Master’s degree in Music Composition from The Hartt School at University of Hartford.

Website: https://www.elizagelinas.org/