We extend our gratitude to all who submitted to our festival, and for everyone’s patience. We received 1604 submissions from around the world for our open call for pieces and presentations.

Our upcoming festival program features:

Gabriel  Bolaños (Nicaragua/USA): nosotros hemos puesto los muertos (2022)
Amos Elkana (USA): Tripp (2016)
Juro Kim Feliz (Philippines/Canada): Liham (2023)
Eliza Gelinas (USA): your silent world (2023)
Laura Brackney (USA): Radiance (2023)
Matthew Goodheart (USA): Earconographies (2022-23)
Eunji Lee (South Korea): Debris in the Ocean (2023)
Han geul Lee (South Korea): shadowself (2023)
Zouning Liao (China): hypothetical particles (2023)
Joogwang Lim (South Korea): Soomool (2023)
Jimena  Maldonado (Mexico/The Netherlands): Repeat their names (2022)
Eleni Ralli (Grecce): Go Within (2020)
Leah Reid (USA): Reverie (2020)
Vladimir Scolnic (Israel): E PUR SI MUOVE (2021)
Alexandros Spyrou (Greece): intra- (2018-19)
Lukas Stamm (Switzerland): Nachtmeerfahrten (2023)
Cecilia Suhr (South Korea/USA): Prism of Distortions (2023)
Anibal Vidal (Chile): Tonada (2023)
Tansy Xiao (USA): Here’s the Information We Collect (2023)
Han Xu (China): Blind Opera (2020-2021)

Anna Heflin on Contradictoriness in Rzewski
Gregory Joseph Menillo on Taking [Nono] Seriously
Franklyn Oliver on. Militant Song in Chile and the UK
Benn Lunn on Gramsci, Music and Trade Activism
Rodrigo Cadiz on Cultural Democracy in Chile 

Reviewing over 1600 submissions was complex. Our decision-making process involved consideration of funding, scheduling, resource availability, and our objectives as an organization. With limited resources and time, there are many brilliant projects we can’t accommodate. We tried our best to assemble a meaningful program.

We also want to mention that we have, and will again, incorporate festival submissions into performance opportunities throughout our season. We genuinely appreciate all who took time to propose works, and we hope you’ll continue to engage with us. It’s likely that we’ll host the festival again in 2025, so please stay in touch. Whether you choose to resubmit the same project or something new, rest assured it will be reviewed with fresh ears and eyes.

In the meantime, everyone is invited to join us at our festival from June 18-22, 2024, in New York City. As always, all events will be free and open to everyone.

This program is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA ).